In the last five years, Shanghai has enjoyed much of the limelight being emitted on China. A lid has started lift on the largest city on the mainland and the world is starting to see what’s laying beneath. Arkham is here to blow that lid right off.

Opening on March 1st, 2013. Arkham will be the first club in China that will consistently book and promote high quality underground live music and DJ parties. The focus is on the quality of the experience, the music and the community embracing this. To take the scene that has been bubbling up here and driving it as far forward as possible.

Laying 10m beneath the ground in the sunken plaza, 168 Julu Road near Huaihai Road, Arkham has added a new flavour to Shanghai’s weekend palette. The main dance floor is the centre point of a labyrinth of rooms and tunnels that wrap around it. A second bar is located directly beside the dance floor which hosts it’s own lounge area and a second bar upstairs (also with it’s own lounge and DJ booth) makes it a total of four bars to access in the club. Beyond this, there are VIP sections and table seating towards the back of the main area for those wanting to bling it up. A shop will also be open to buy merchandise and listening booths will be set up to preview music of upcoming shows.

All roads in the underground seems to have wound up to this. A one stop club in the French Concession ready to host the world’s top alternative musicians of all styles and backgrounds with quality lights and sound system. A place where people that enjoy music for music’s sake can gather and watch this city’s underground fulfil the potential it’s always had.




我们说过音乐才是最重要的部分,我们可没有开玩笑。试营业开幕我们就邀请到电子音乐界的传说——TIGA,而在试营业期间我们陆续又请到了包括Coldcut、Yuksek、Breakbot、Surkin、Strip Steve,及中国最红的乐队后海大鲨鱼。如果这些代表未来将要发生什么的预兆,这对所有人将是个很好的机遇。我们会持续不断得增加顶级艺术家的现场演出,让每周都能有所期待!Arkham的营业时间为每周五、六晚上十点始。


INFO +86-21-6258 0355
No. 168 Julu Lu.